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19 May 2011 @ 06:40 pm
CONCERT: My Chemical Romance  
I went to another concert last night. :D
My Chemical Romance
Circa Survive
The Architects

The Architects from Kansas City, not the UK, for the record. (This disappointed me.) They were good. Sounded kind of like a mix between Green Day and Against Me!. idk that's probably a bad description lol. Anyway, I liked how energetic they were. ^_^

I'm not a fan of Circa Survive. I tried listening to them before the concert several times and never managed to get into it. In the end, the only song I knew by them was Imaginary Enemy. Their vocalist sounds like a girl. Just saying. Anyway, I liked how ridiculously bouncy and spastic he was. It bothered me that he kept one hand in his crotch the entire time. O_o He also managed to completely tangle himself in the mic cord without strangling himself. Somehow. It was wrapped around his neck like three times and he didn't even seem to care. Amazing. He told everyone to have a crowd surfing competition, although we only ended up getting like three people up. Anyway, this one kid was crowd surfing, and their vocalist said "I want everyone to grab his balls! Bring me his balls! I WANT HIS BALLS!" I'm still not sure if that was amazing because it was hilarious or if it was horrible because then everyone was molesting the kid's crotch. ._. I haven't decided yet.

My Chemical Romance was simply epic. I loved that they played songs from all their albums, and I loved the fact that I actually knew all of the words to all of the songs they played (first time I've been to a concert where that has been the case). I loved that so many people were dressed up as killjoys, and I loved that just as many were wearing all black. I also loved that there were just normal people there too, that it wasn't just one specific group of people. I found it incredibly amazing that Gerard molested the mic stand, and I also loved how slutty he sounded when he said "give me all your fucking money" before they played Vampire Money (there has to be a fic about that, seriously, and if there isn't, I will write it). I forgot how much I loved Na Na Na (although I'm not sure how that happened). I thought it was incredibly sweet when they brought this girl out on stage who had braces on her shins and said that she'd be singing Planetary (GO!) with them because she'd told them about how she'd been made fun of by people for her condition (although they never specified what the condition was, and it didn't really matter anyway since it was no one else's business). I thought it was adorable that Frank gave the girl a few kisses on the side of her head and that he shared a mic with her. I thought the entire show was pretty amazing, and I'm really glad I went. It was totally worth waiting two hours in line for in the hot sun, and I'd do it again a thousand times over.

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