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22 May 2011 @ 10:48 pm
FIC: We Are All Living In It  

Bert/Mikey, NC-17, ~3600 words
The man smirks. “And why not? Are you going to stop me? There’s four of us, kid, and there’s only the two of you. We can either take what we want and give you nothing, or you can get something out of it too.”

I do not own these people, and this has never actually happened. Don't sue me for having an imagination.
This contains non-con and character death.

Written for mission_insane


Mikey doesn’t trust these people, he doesn’t, but Gerard seems to think they’re alright, and Mikey always stands by Gerard’s side. Besides, it’s not like he could just let his brother wander off with the strangers without him. Mikey has been keeping curled into his brother’s side for the entire car ride, trying to avoid touching the other guy in the back with them.

The guy can’t seem to keep his hands to himself, keeps subtly touching Mikey’s thigh. Mikey probably wouldn’t have noticed if he wasn’t on edge already. The guy has black hair and fairly large gauges. He’s sweaty and dirty, and well, they all are, but Mikey would dislike it just as much if it were any of the other ones in the car who kept touching him.

Gerard’s having a rather enthusiastic conversation with the driver about some kind of drug. The boy in the front seat is about their age, and he seems to be just as nervous as Mikey. He’s a short kid, with black hair similar to the guy seated next to Mikey. He’s different from the rest of them, though, Mikey can tell. There’s another guy sitting next to Gerard, the only blonde in the car. He’s pretty small too, and he looks kind of pissed off for no reason Mikey can think of.

There’s hot breath on Mikey’s neck, and he swallows, suddenly aware of how close the man beside him is to him. “You do realize the stuff’s not free, right?” the man asks, his voice just high enough that Mikey can tell it’s meant to be heard by everyone else too.

“Well, yeah, how much is it going to be?” Gerard says, turning around to face him. He doesn’t seem to think anything is weird about the situation, but Mikey’s practically crawling out of his skin.

The guy quickly loses whatever subtlety had been present before, letting his hand latch onto Mikey’s thigh. “I think your friend here will do just fine.”

Gerard narrows his eyes. There are a lot of things that Gerard would sell for drugs, and some of them belong to Mikey, but he wouldn’t sell his brother under any circumstance. He’d been offered many times, but Gerard has always declined. “Don’t touch him,” he says calmly but firmly.

The man smirks. “And why not? Are you going to stop me? There’s four of us, kid, and there’s only the two of you. We can either take what we want and give you nothing, or you can get something out of it too.”

“Get your hands off my fucking brother,” Gerard snaps, not even hesitating to consider the offer of drugs. Gerard has been an addict for a while now, and there was a point where all he ever really cared about anymore was the next fix, but Mikey is glad that his brother has somehow managed to maintain some sense of loyalty to his brother.

The man frowns, tightening his grip painfully on Mikey’s thigh and sliding an arm around his waist. “No.”

“Stop,” Mikey says, squirming and trying to get out of the man’s grasp. Gerard unbuckles his seatbelt, and he reaches across Mikey to try to get the guy off of him. Mikey unbuckles his own belt as well, struggling to get away from the man. However, the car isn’t very big, so there really isn’t anywhere for him to go.

Somehow in the struggle, the driver ends up swerving. They hit a tree, and it all goes downhill from there. Mikey grabs onto his brother as the car rolls over, crying out when his back hits the roof of the car. There’s a loud crash of glass shattering, and Mikey blacks out.

He wakes up on the ground, completely disoriented. The sun is shining in his eyes, blinding him. His glasses are broken, but they’re still on his face. His whole body aches. “Gee!” he calls weakly, his voice sounding torn. He tries to sit up but ends up unable to move enough to.

There’s footsteps, and the man from before appears above his head. “Hello, love,” the man says, smirking.

“This is going to fucking scar!” someone shrieks, sounding rather obviously upset. “The little bitch fucked up my face, Bert!”

Mikey tries again to sit up, and again he fails. “Gee!” he calls again, hoping that his older brother is alright.

“Come on, up you go,” the man says, pulling him up by his arms. It hurts, really fucking bad, and Mikey cries out, but the man doesn’t seem to care at all. “Stop whining,” he snaps, hauling Mikey over to where the others are waiting. Gerard appears to be fine, but a gag is shoved in between his teeth preventing him from speaking. His hands are tied behind his back.

The man ties Mikey’s hands behind his back. The driver is examining the blonde’s face, obviously looking for whatever scars were caused. The blonde is relatively unscathed, but the driver has a lot of cuts from glass on his arms. The man who is tying up Mikey has a slight limp. The boy looks scared but alright, and Mikey vaguely wonders if he’s there against his will as well.

“Which one do you thinks prettier, Frankie?” the man asks, stroking Mikey’s face.

Mikey flinches away from the touch. The boy opens his mouth and stutters out his answer, “I think they’re both pretty, Jepha.”

Jepha laughs. “I’m sure, kid. But surely you’ve got a preference. This one’s pretty attractive, and he’d probably be even better without the glasses.” With that, Jepha removes the glasses. “Hm, that does look better. Now, the other one’s a little on the chubby side, which could be good if you’re into that sort of thing. He’s got a lovely face, though they both do. Come on, pick a favorite, Frankie.”

Frankie looks between them a few times and then points towards Mikey. Mikey bites his lip, staring at the other boy. The driver looks over. “That one, eh?” he asks, nodding in Mikey’s direction. Frankie doesn’t respond. “Come on, kid, get over here,” he says, walking towards Mikey. Frankie is a bit slow to follow orders, but he is soon over by Mikey as well. “Come on, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

With that, the man rather unceremoniously slips his hand up under Mikey’s shirt. “No,” he whispers, terrified. The man ignores him, moving his hand higher and higher up Mikey’s chest until his fingers have found a nipple. The man smirks, pinching it hard. Mikey gasps. Gerard tries to say something, but the words are muffled by the gag.

Frankie is still doing nothing, just watching with a somewhat horrified look on his face as the man pulls Mikey’s shirt up and over his head. Once Mikey’s chest is bare, the man grabs the boy’s wrist and pulls him closer. “Come on, I’ll teach you how to be a man,” the man hisses, a smirk still plastered on his face. When Frankie still doesn’t do anything, the man forces his limp hand down on Mikey’s skin, despite how obvious it is that the boy doesn’t want to do it.

Mikey squirms a bit, hoping that maybe they’ll change their minds. He has asthma. He’d never be able to outrun them. “Stop, please,” he mumbles, tears starting to well up in his eyes when he realizes how hopeless the situation is. Even if he could outrun them, he couldn’t leave his brother.

“Doesn’t his skin feel good?” the man hisses to the boy. “It’s soft, almost like a woman’s. Probably a virgin, by the looks of it. He’s so terrified to be ruled by someone, but you have to show him who’s in charge, Frank. You have to show him you’re in control.” Frank is shaking his head, but the man makes him slide his hand down to that V Mikey’s hips create.

Mikey freaks out, struggling harder than before to get away. Jepha pins down both of his wrists on either side of his body, ensuring that he can’t scratch or hit. Mikey still struggles, but it’s mostly useless now. The only thing he has is his legs, and he doesn’t want to end up kicking Frank. Frank seems to be just as much of a victim here; at least, that’s the way Mikey sees it.

There’s a sudden realization that this is going to happen, regardless of what he does to fight them. Whatever he does, it won’t be enough, and he had thought it was hopeless before, but this, this is entirely different. He feels completely powerless, and he hates that he won’t be allowed to choose this for himself, that these men will steal it away from him before he’s ready to give it up. He’s only sixteen, still just a kid. He never wanted to grow up so fast.

He starts sobbing, and Frank starts looking more and more sickened by the situation. In fact, he looks as if he might puke. The man starts on getting Mikey’s jeans undone, nearly ripping the button off. Frank actually does lean away and puke when the man starts forcing the jeans down Mikey’s legs. “Bert, stop it, please.”

“No, it’s okay. He’s supposed to be terrified of you.”

“Is Quinn terrified of you?” Frank asks weakly, glancing over at the blonde.

Bert grins crookedly. “Of course he is. Quinn, sweetie, why don’t you tell Frank about the night when I broke you?”

Mikey doesn’t focus on the blonde’s reply, only continues his struggles and sobs some more. Gerard managed to get the gag out of his mouth somehow, and now he’s screaming, “You fucking assholes! Leave him alone!”

Bert sneers at him, “Shut up, we’ll get to you next.” Gerard looks disgusted and can’t seem to come up with any kind of reply. Bert tries forcing Frank on Mikey again, and the boy continues to shake his head and actually starts struggling against the man as well. Bert scowls. “Fine,” he snaps, releasing the other boy.

Frank is gone almost immediately, moving to sit on the ground closer to Gerard, his eyes looking anywhere but at Mikey. “Come here, you little bitch,” Bert hisses, pushing Mikey over onto his side and waiting for Jepha to adjust his arms. Then he pushes Mikey all the way over onto his stomach, leaving him even more vulnerable than before. He can’t see Bert now, and that might be the worst part.

“Stop it! Don’t touch him!” Gerard keeps shouting, looking angry and hurt at the same time.

“Quinn, fix the gag. I’m sick of hearing him talk.” The blonde is just a blur as he moves to do as Bert asked. Gerard’s cries are muffled soon after. Bert runs his hand down Mikey’s back. The texture is different from Frank’s hands, a lot rougher and dirtier. Mikey suddenly wishes that Frank had the guts, simply so that it would mean that it wasn’t Bert. Frank has a conscience, and Bert certainly doesn’t.

Bert slaps his ass once, making the boy jump, but that’s the only warning he gets before the man forces himself inside. Mikey isn’t even entirely sure when Bert got his own pants off, and he’s not sure it even matters. All he feels is pain, fiery hot and rough. Bert’s too big, far too much, and Mikey feels like his body is splitting in half with each thrust. Even more tears are streaming down his face now, and Bert keeps pushing his face into the dirt, as if he wants to make the experience as humiliating and demeaning as possible. Mikey supposes that he does.

“Stop, stop, please,” Mikey keeps saying, but of course Bert doesn’t listen. Bert’s pace speeds up rather suddenly. Mikey can feel it when the man comes, hot and sticky and wrong all over his insides. Bert pulls out almost immediately, leaving Mikey alone on the ground. Mikey curls in on himself, wrapping his arms around his body in some instinctive attempt to protect himself. He’s not entirely sure it can get worse than this though.

Jepha isn’t holding him still anymore, though he’s still touching him. He keeps petting the boy’s hair and stroking his skin gently. His fingers aren’t quite as bad as Bert’s, thankfully. “Shh, it’s okay now,” Jepha whispers to him. Bert’s pulling his pants back on now.

“Oh, you mean you’re not going to rape me too?” Mikey asks, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Jepha shakes his head. “I’ve got someone waiting for me at home.” Mikey wants to believe him, but he can’t seem to find it in him. This is the same man that just held him down and watched as he got raped; Mikey can’t trust anything he says. Still, Jepha helps Mikey get his pants back on.

“You missed out, kid,” Bert said, sitting down next to Frank. “Boy was tight as fuck.” He turns to look at Gerard. “Now, what about you? What will we do with you?” Gerard looks scared, and he’s got stains from tears on his face. “Why don’t you take your pick, kid? You can pick which one of us is going to fuck you, alright?” Gerard looks like he might puke. Bert pulls the gag out of his mouth. “Well, take your pick.”

Gerard shakes his head. “I don’t want any of you.”

“Come on, I’m being nice here, letting you pick which one of us you want,” Bert says, brushing Gerard’s hair out of his eyes. “I’ll even let you have your brother if you want him,” he adds in a low voice, one just loud enough for Mikey to hear.

Just the thought of Gerard taking advantage of him makes Mikey puke. He knows his brother wouldn’t do that, would never even consider it, but the very fact that it’s an option makes him feel sick. Jepha keeps stroking his hair. “Shh, it’s okay,” he says again. He slides Mikey’s body over away from the puke.

Gerard keeps shaking his head. “No, I won’t pick,” he says.

“Shame. Jepha, bring the kid over here.”

Jepha carries Mikey bridal style over to Bert and the others. He sets him down gently and sits beside him. Mikey doesn’t know where the blonde went, and it scares him that one of his enemies is unaccounted for. Bert goes back to the car, and when he returns, there’s a gun in his hand. Mikey’s heart skips a beat. Bert roughly shoves the gun into Mikey’s mouth, but he keeps his eyes on Gerard. “Don’t,” Gerard says, fear and anger and sadness in his eyes.

“Pick someone,” Bert says, cocking the gun. Mikey can’t help but whimper.

Gerard’s eyes flicker between everyone there, obviously trying to make up his mind. “Just give me a minute, okay?” He sighs, staring long and hard at Frank, who looks to be about the same age as Mikey. He’s shaking like a leaf, obviously terrified. Mikey hopes that Gerard will pick someone else.

Gerard points to Jepha. “Him,” he says quietly.

Bert looks over at Jepha, curiosity in his eyes. Jepha doesn’t move, just keeps petting Mikey’s hair. “No,” Jepha says calmly when the silence has stretched on long enough that it’s obvious that an answer is expected of him. “No, Dan wouldn’t like it.”

Bert laughs. “So loyal. Well, looks like you’ll have to pick someone else.”

“Why are you doing this?” Gerard asks, staring at the gun Bert had forced into Mikey’s mouth.

Bert shrugs. “It’s fun. Now pick somebody else. I’m getting a bit impatient.”

“The blonde,” Gerard says. Mikey still has no idea where he went.

“Quinn’s a bottom, and he’s mine.”

Mikey is screaming in his head that this isn’t fair, that Bert told Gerard he had a choice, even though he doesn’t really seem to. His eyes are watering from fear and having to hold his mouth open so long. “You, then.”

Bert smiles. “I’m a bit worn out from your little brother dearest. Pick someone else.”

Mikey blinks, and a tear slides down his cheek. He was certain that Bert wouldn’t decline. That only leaves two options, and Mikey can only hope that Frank won’t say no. Frank looks just as scared, but he’s not the one with a gun in his mouth. He’s not a prisoner, even if he is a victim. “Then the boy, I guess.”

Frank starts shaking. “What a good choice. First step, Frank, is to get him undressed.” Bert pulls the gun out of Mikey’s mouth. “I’d suggest you start on that.” Frank stares at him for a few moments before nodding. He starts by untying Gerard’s hands. Gerard remains still, watching the boy carefully.

“How old are you?” Gerard asks quietly.

“Seventeen,” Frank mumbles. He’s trying to get Gerard’s shirt off, and Gerard really isn’t helping much. He looks up at Bert. “Please,” he whispers. Bert just shakes his head.

Gerard finally just takes off his own shirt, and he manages to do it a lot faster than Frank. Frank hesitates before going down to his belt. Suddenly, Gerard pushes him away and stands up. He punches Jepha in the face and pulls Mikey to his feet. “Run!” he shouts, starting to do just that. Mikey takes only a second to follow his lead, running as fast as he possibly can. It hurts. It hurts so bad to run.

It’s only a short time before the first gunshot is heard. Mikey tries to run faster. He has to jump over several logs, and eventually they make it to a river. Mikey stops at the bank, trying to catch his breath. Gerard puts his hand on Mikey’s shoulder. “I know you’re tired, but we really can’t stop.”

Mikey nods even though he’s still struggling to get breath. “Are you okay?” Gerard asks, concerned. Mikey nods, because he can hear leaves being trampled nearby, and they really need to go. “We’re going to have to swim,” he says, stepping into the water.

“Thank you,” Mikey says as he follows.

“For what?”

Mikey swallows. “For not making him.”

Gerard shrugs. “He’s just a kid. Fucking smaller than you, even though he’s older.” Mikey nods. The water’s deep enough that Mikey has to swim now. They’re almost halfway across the river now. Mikey glances back and sees that their captors have just reached the bank.

There’s more gunshots now, and a sudden sharp pain shoots through Mikey’s back. It’s worse than Bert raping him. Gerard takes his hand and says, “You have to keep swimming. Come on, we can make it.”

It hurts. It hurts really bad, and Mikey has to start crying again. “I can’t,” he sobs.

“Shh, you can. We just have to make it to the other side,” Gerard assures him. They do make it across, and Gerard pulls Mikey into the bushes over there. “See, we’ll be fine now. They won’t want to swim across. We’ll be just fine. I can find the road and get some help. We’ll be okay.”

Mikey takes Gerard’s hand and pulls him down next to him. “Are you sure?” he asks, coughing a bit.

Gerard bites his lip before he starts talking. “Yeah, yeah, we’ll be fine.”

“What if they do swim across?” Mikey asks fearfully.

“Play dead.” There’s a splash in the water, and Mikey squeezes his eyes shut. Gerard’s hand leaves his.

“There they are!” Bert shouts. Mikey thinks he’ll be able to recognize that voice for the rest of his life, and the thought of it haunting his nightmares scares him. He wonders if he’ll even be alive long enough to have any more nightmares.

“Please, I’ll be good,” Gerard says, sounding frightened.

Bert laughs, a sick noise, another one Mikey doubts he’ll forget. “It’s too late for that.” There’s another gunshot and a loud thump. Mikey knows what happened before he even opens his eyes. It takes an effort to roll over, and he’s wheezing by the time he can see Gerard’s limp body beside him.

“No, no, no,” he says, reaching over and shaking Gerard’s body. “Please, Gee,” he says, but he doesn’t know why he’s begging or what he’s begging for. He knows his brother is dead, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Bert kneels down beside him, stroking his hair. “It’s okay, sweetie. You’ll be with him soon enough.”

Mikey shakes his head. “Please,” he whispers, tightening his grip on Gerard. “Please.”

“Don’t kill him,” Jepha says calmly. “Frank could use a friend, I think. Someone his own age.” Mikey blinks, staring up at the man. “I don’t think he’ll run again.”

“What happens when we get home?” Bert asks.

Jepha pauses. “He can stay with Dan and I. Dan talks about wanting kids sometimes.”

“Fine, we’ll keep him then.”

“Come on, I know a doctor who lives around here somewhere. We should probably get that bullet wound patched up first,” Jepha says. He starts to pick up Mikey again, but he clings to his brother’s body desperately. Please, he thinks. He isn’t sure if he’d rather be dead or forced to live with these men.

Frank stops him though. “Let him stay with his brother for a little bit longer. Give him some time to mourn.”

“We need to get moving,” the blonde says, looking a bit pissed off.

Frank glares. “You assholes just raped him and killed his brother. You can at least let him mourn.”

“Okay,” Jepha says.

“We leave in ten minutes. We’ll go find Jepha’s guy, and then we’ll get the fuck out of this place. Hopefully we’ll still get home when we originally planned to,” Bert says.

“We will.”


Note: This was based off of the car crash and woods scene in The Last House On The Left. The title is from Portrait by Aiden. Go listen to it. Very eerie.
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