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25 February 2011 @ 01:22 am
FIC: When The Day Met The Night  

Ryan/Spencer, R ~5400 words
Spencer has been a werewolf for a long time, and he's always been very careful about it. He's known Ryan for even longer, and of course Ryan has known his secret from the day he was bitten. However, things change when Ryan becomes a vampire.

I do not own these people, and this has never actually happened. Don't sue me for having an imagination.

Written for hc_bingo


There’s four of them, and even though Ryan’s just a human, he can still tell just by looking at them that something is just wrong about them. Maybe he’s just been spending too much time with Spencer, but whatever the reason, Ryan knows they aren’t normal. Spencer’s tensed up beside him, and he keeps a tight hold on Ryan’s hand.

One of the men—if they even are men—steps in front of the couple, smirking at Ryan. He’s looks like a punk, with multiple facial piercings and a purple mohawk spiking out from the top of his head. He wears a denim jacket and baggy jeans. “This one’s a bit pretty for a boy,” the man says. He reaches his hand out and strokes a finger down Ryan’s cheek. The boy jerks away fearfully, feeling a bit disgusted.

Spencer gives the man a sharp look and growls, “Don’t touch him.” The full moon is only one night away, and the wolf is close to the surface. Spencer’s particularly dangerous in the days leading up to it, and Ryan really hopes for the men’s sakes that this doesn’t lead to a confrontation.

“Oh come on, we’re just having a little fun,” another one of the men says, smirking and showing off sharp fangs. It takes a few seconds for it to click in Ryan’s head that the men are vampires. “Certainly you’d be willing to share, wouldn’t you?”

“No,” Spencer says stiffly, stepping in front of Ryan as if to protect.

Ryan jumps when he feels arms going around his waist from behind. One of the vampires had somehow gotten around behind them, and now his fangs were pressed against his neck. “Spence,” he says fearfully, feeling a sharp prick and a tongue licking across his neck.

Spence is growling now, a deep, throaty sound. Ryan would find it incredibly sexy if he didn’t currently fear for his life. He is struggling rather unsuccessfully against the vampire’s grip. “Let him go,” Spencer says angrily, whirling around to face the vampire whose teeth were buried in Ryan’s neck.

When the vampire doesn’t do as was asked, Spencer grabs him and shoves him roughly against the wall. Ryan is released from the vampire’s grip and loses his balance, falling to the ground. He scrambles to get back up, covering the bite on his neck with one hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding. His stomach twists uncomfortably as he watches Spencer punching the vampire in the face and hitting him anywhere else that he can.

He mostly keeps up against the wall, watching as Spencer takes on the vampires. Eventually, he seems to be satisfied that they won’t be bothering him anymore, and he turns back to Ryan. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” He offers Ryan his hand, and he takes it a bit hesitantly. The walk home is awkward, and people stare at the trail of blood streaming down from Ryan’s neck. Luckily, the bleeding stopped a long time ago.

Ryan goes straight to his room when they get home, and Spencer walks in only a few minutes later. “Baby, why don’t you get cleaned up?” he asks.

Ryan stares at the wall for a moment before turning around. “Spencer, that was really scary,” he says quietly.

Spencer pauses before holding his arms out to his boyfriend. Ryan hesitates before he moves into them and wrapping his arms around the younger of the two. “I won’t let them hurt you. Never. They’ll never touch you again.”

“That wasn’t what I meant,” Ryan says softly, burying his face in Spencer’s neck. “I love you, but seeing you like that… It really scared me.”

They’re both quiet for a while before Spencer says, “It’s not me, Ryan. That wasn’t me. It was the wolf.”

Ryan nods. “I know.”

“I wouldn’t hurt you, Ryan. I would never hurt you if I could help it,” Spencer says, rubbing his back. Ryan smiles and kisses Spencer on the neck. “They were the ones who were trying to hurt you, and I was protecting you. The wolf just took it a bit out of hand.”

“I know,” Ryan says again. “Let’s go to bed.”

Spencer pulls him in the direction of the bathroom. “We’ve got to get you cleaned up first, and then we can go to bed,” he says. He stops Ryan in front of the mirror, and smiles at him in it. “You’re still beautiful even when you’re all covered in blood.”

Ryan rolls his eyes. “Really?” he asks disbelievingly.

“Really,” Spencer states, kissing his cheek. Ryan smiles at him in the mirror and lifts his arms up so that Spencer can get him out of his bloodied shirt.


“Ryan, can you help me get this set up? We need it ready by tonight,” Spencer says, sounding a bit anxious. He’s fumbling with steel bars, trying to figure out how to assemble his cage.

Ryan sits down next to him, looking at the miscellaneous parts strewn out across the room’s floor. “We’ve still got the instructions booklet, right? Because otherwise we might as well just let you run around freely. There is no way we can just figure out how to assemble this right on our own.”

Spencer rolls his eyes. “We figured it out last month,” he states.

“Yeah, and we should have left it together instead of disassembling it and losing the instructions!” Ryan says a bit angrily. If they can’t get the cage assembled, Ryan is as good as dead. He knows that the wolf is tied closely with Spencer’s own emotions, and due to their relationship, Ryan is probably one of the first people Spencer would hunt down and kill if he were allowed to roam free.

Instead of arguing with Ryan’s angry tone, Spencer just sighs. “I know it isn’t good, baby, but I think it would be better if we focused on fixing the problem at hand instead of whose fault it is.”

“I didn’t say it was your fault,” Ryan argues.

Spencer narrows his eyes and snaps, “Shut the fuck up.” They’re both quiet for a moment before Spencer looks down and says quietly, “Sorry. Just, the wolf, you know?”

Ryan sighs. “Yeah, whatever.” He sick of all of Spencer’s bad behavior getting blamed on the ‘wolf’. Regardless of whether Spencer’s a werewolf or not, it doesn’t excuse him treating Ryan like shit from time to time. He moves a few steel pieces off to one side, uncovering a paper booklet. “Here, I found the instructions. Do you still need help?”

“No, I’m good,” Spencer answers, giving Ryan a little kiss on the cheek. It seems to serve as some sort of an apology, and Ryan’s lip quirks into a small smile. “I’ll call you if I need anything.” Ryan nods and gets up to go read in the other room. Spencer doesn’t need him.


“You’ll just stay to make sure I turn okay, right?” Spencer asks, looking up at Ryan with a worried look on his face. Ryan nods. “And then you’ll go out to the bars for the night?”Again, Ryan nods. They’ve been doing this for two years; he knows the drill. “You’ll come straight home afterward, and if I’m not in my cage, you’ll lock yourself down in the basement, correct?” Once again, Spencer received a nod. “And if I am, you’ll go into the bedroom and try to sleep, yes?” Nod. “Okay, sounds like a plan.”

Ryan smiles and leans down so he can pet Spencer’s hair. “It’ll be alright, Spencer.”

Spencer nods. “I hope so.”

“You want me to bring home some meat for you?” Ryan asks a bit hesitantly. He’s still not entirely sure what the wolf likes. All he really knows about the wolf is that in the days leading up to the full moon, Spencer becomes more edgy and dangerous, and he also seems to get a lot better—if rougher is equivalent to better, I suppose—in bed.

“No,” Spencer says after thinking for a short while. “It might make me lose control.”

Ryan nods. “Okay then. Suit yourself.” Spencer can’t control himself in that state anyway.


The change starts at sundown. Spencer’s already in his cage, naked, and Ryan can see it when the first wave of contractions and spasms hits him. Spencer cries out softly, his pain evident. Ryan would love to be able to help him, but he doesn’t know how he possibly can. Ryan reaches through the bars and pets his hair. Spencer’s eyes flash at him and he growls out a warning, “Ryan.”

“I know,” he says simply. He knows better than to stay so close when the wolf comes up, but he also knows that at this point, Spencer still has control over his actions. He won’t be dangerous until Spencer turns into the wolf, and his human teeth are replaced by a set of sharper wolf teeth.

Spencer’s body contorts oddly, and he screams out in pain. Ryan hates to see his boyfriend this way, but he has no idea what to do about it. If he could take away Spencer’s pain, he would, but he’s never come across anyone who knew anything about real werewolves, let alone how to lift the curse from one. “Shh, it’ll be okay,” Ryan says softly, even though he knows it won’t be. He knows Spencer will wake up probably covered in his own blood from fighting against the cage, and he won’t even remember what he did the night before.

Ryan cringes when he hears Spencer’s bones cracking and rearranging. He stays silent for the rest of the change, withdrawing his arm from the cage but still sitting nearby. They both know that his presence is a dangerous one, but Ryan’s willing to stay to make sure that Spencer is alright and hopefully give some sort of comfort. When Spencer’s completely covered in fur, and he starts snapping at Ryan through the bars, that’s when Ryan leaves.

He’s shaking a bit, a little from the fear of the possibility of being attacked by Spencer, and a little from having to see Spencer that way. He gets his coat and slips on his shoes, taking one last glance at Spencer to make sure he’s still in his cage. He is. Ryan sighs and leaves for the night. It’s only about seven, just a little after sundown. The walk to the nearest bar is rather short.

Ryan doesn’t do much drinking. He mostly sits and tries not to think about Spencer being all alone in that cage tonight. He tries to plan out their next date, but he can’t seem to stop thinking about what Spencer looks like when he’s turning into a wolf. He knows that it hurts Spencer quite a bit, but there’s nothing he can do to stop it. He hates feeling so helpless. Ryan buys his first drink of the night, hoping it can squash down that feeling.


Bars close at two, and Ryan’s one of the last to leave. He downs his final drink and stumbles out to the street. He considers calling a cab, but then he decides he might as well just walk. As far as he’s concerned, if he can’t make it home on his own, he probably wouldn’t be able to deal with Spencer if he wasn’t locked up anyway.

He’s about halfway home when they find him. One of them is the punk guy from the night before, but the other two are different. One has a scruffy beard, and the other has short hair and the most gorgeous brown eyes Ryan has ever seen. “You didn’t say he was a drunk,” eyes says, looking a bit disgusted. Ryan’s thoughts are moving slow, so it takes him a few moments to realize that they’re talking about him and even longer for him to conclude that the two others are probably vampires too.

“He wasn’t like this yesterday. He had a wolf with him,” the punk says

The bearded vampire smirks a bit and reaches out to stroke Ryan’s arm. “Where’s your wolf, pretty boy? Did he try to take a snap at you tonight?” Ryan backs up a bit, his body understanding before his brain does that he’s in danger. Without Spencer, Ryan’s free game for any creature of the night. “You certainly smell like him.”

“Do you think…?” eyes says. He gives the bearded vampire a certain look, and he nods. Eyes giggles. “Does he really smell that much like the wolf?” Again, the bearded vampire nods, and eyes bursts into even more laugher. Ryan is becoming a bit pissed off, because he’s nearly certain that they’re making fun of him. “Is it true that you sleep with your wolf?” the vampire asks, giggling some more.

Ryan bristles. “Of course I sleep with him. He’s my fucking boyfriend,” he snaps.

“They’re so ferocious when they’re drunk,” the bearded vampire says, smirking a bit. “Alcohol makes them forget who they’re dealing with.” He bears his fangs and snaps them at Ryan. Ryan doesn’t move away or even flinch. “I’m not sure if he’s brave or just stupid.”

“I’m not stupid,” Ryan hisses angrily.

The punk reaches out and brushes Ryan’s hair out of his eyes. “He has such pretty eyes,” he says. Ryan makes a face and pulls away from them.

Eyes reaches out and strokes Ryan’s cheek. He puts his other hand on Ryan’s shoulder, and Ryan finds that when he tries to move away, the vampire’s grip is too strong. Fear floods through him. “Can you hear how fast his heart is pumping, Jon?” the vampire asks, looking over at the bearded one with a smirk. “He’s so terrified.” Eyes leans in and kisses him, and Ryan refuses to kiss back.

The vampire moves from his lips to his neck, working at the same spot the vampire bit yesterday. “Brendon, what are we going to do with him?” Jon, the bearded vampire, asks. “He seems a bit too pretty to be wasted.” His hand trails down Ryan’s back, and Ryan tries to move away from him by moving forward, but it only pushes him into the pretty-eyed vampire he believes to be named Brendon.

Brendon stops sucking on his neck. “I think his wolf be rather upset if we took his boy from him. His poor boy isn’t going to live forever. Maybe we should fix that,” he said.

“I think his wolf would be very thankful if we did that for him, don’t you?” Jon asks. He takes Ryan’s hand and strokes up his arm. “After all, no one wants to outlive their lover.”

Ryan shakes his head. “Please, just let me go home,” he says fearfully.

Brendon brushes his hair out of his eyes. “You do have pretty eyes,” he says softly. “We think you could be useful to us, pretty boy. Maybe you won’t understand right away, but you’ll thank us later.” Without giving any more warning, Brendon sinks his fangs into Ryan’s neck. Ryan cries out softly and struggles against his grip. It’s useless.

Jon keeps one hand on Ryan’s back, sandwiching him in between the two of them. Ryan freaks out when Jon’s bloody wrist appears in front of his face. “No, no,” he says loudly, struggling to get away from both of them. He’s not entirely sure why Jon wants him to drink his blood, but he feels like if he does, he’ll have lost. He feels lightheaded, and he’s not stronger than the vampires. Jon forces his bloody wrist up against Ryan’s mouth, and his blood trickles into his mouth. Ryan tries spitting it out, but there ends up being too much, and he has to swallow.

His body feels weak, even after Brendon stops drinking from him, and Jon’s just supplying him with more blood. It’s cold, and it tastes disgusting. It’s making his stomach churn, and he wonders what would happen if he just vomited it all back up. He wonders how pissed off the vampires would be. “That’s enough,” Jon says after a while, pulling his arm away. Neither of them are holding onto Ryan anymore, and he falls down with the sudden lack of support. He doesn’t feel drunk anymore. He feels as if his insides are being ripped apart.

“Come on, we’ll have to take you home with us. We can’t leave you alone with a werewolf when you’re like this,” Brendon says, holding out his hand to him. Ryan figures that at this point, there’s nothing more horrible that they can do to him, and he accepts it. Brendon and Jon walk on either side of him, Brendon with his arm around Ryan’s shoulders, and Jon with his arm around his waist. “Werewolves don’t particularly like us.”

Ryan doesn’t say anything. He walks with his shoulders slumped, feeling defeated and sick. At some point the punk vampire disappeared, but Ryan isn’t sure when that happened. “There’s one,” Jon says, pointing to a little girl sitting alone in an alleyway.

Brendon smirks. “Come on, kid. Time for lesson one. This one’s the most important one. It keeps you alive,” he says. He leads Ryan over to the little girl. “Hello there,” he says softly to her, resting a strong hand on her tiny shoulder. “Are you lost?” She nods. “Well, we can help you find your mommy, don’t worry.” Brendon lifts her up and offers her to Ryan.

Ryan takes her from his arms, not entirely sure where he finds the strength to hold her up. “What’s your name?” she asks. “Mommy told me not to talk to strangers.”

It takes Ryan a moment to find his voice before he says, “Ryan. My name’s Ryan.” Brendon smiles from over the girl’s shoulder. “What’s your name?”

“Clara,” she says.

Jon pets the little girl’s blonde hair. “What you do, Ryan, is you get all their pretty hair out of your way first.” The girl giggles at being called pretty, and it’s obvious that she doesn’t understand the situation at all. “And you just lean in there, like you might be giving them a kiss.”

“Mommy said I’m too young for kissing,” Clara says.

Jon nods. “Of course you are, but this is a special kiss. Your mommy wouldn’t be mad at you for it. In fact, I’m sure she’d love to get one herself.” Ryan feels like he might puke any minute now. “Ryan, why don’t you show her what we’re talking about?”

Ryan’s shaking, but does what Jon asks for. He presses his lips against the girl’s neck. “Like this?” he asks softly.

“Perfect,” Jon says, smirking. “Now all you have to do is bite.” Ryan can’t believe that he actually wants to do what Jon is asking of him. He bites down smoothly on the little girl’s neck, and it feels good when hot blood wells up instead of Jon’s cold and bitter tasting blood. Hers tastes sweet and warm; it reminds him of summer. Everything else seems to disappear for a few moments.

The next thing he knows, Brendon is pulling the little girl away from him. “She’s dead, Ryan. There’s nothing left. You have to stop now.” Ryan blinks a few times, realizing that Brendon is indeed holding a dead body in his arms. The vampire just drops her as if it means nothing, and Ryan feels sick again. “Oh, don’t be such a girl about it. You’re a vampire now, and that’s what vampires do. They kill people. Your boyfriend does it too, every full moon.”

Ryan shakes his head. He’s been with Spencer for every full moon, and he knows for a fact that if Spencer would have killed anyone during all of that time, it would most likely have been him. Ryan’s not dead yet, and nobody else is either. “He doesn’t kill people. He stays locked up in a cage every full moon until I let him out in the morning.”

Brendon smirks. “Well he’ll be waiting a while, because if he smells you right now, he’ll go absolutely rabid, and it won’t matter how strong that cage is.” Ryan knows he has absolutely no reason to believe Brendon, but deep down he thinks it might be true. He’s seen Spencer biting and clawing at the cage’s bars hundreds of times, and he’s kissed Spencer the next morning and felt cuts in his gums nearly as many.

“He wouldn’t hurt me,” Ryan says quietly, trying to convince himself of it.

Jon sighs. “Yes, he would. For one thing, now that you’re a vampire, he won’t be able to recognize your scent any more. He wouldn’t have any idea who you were. All he’d know is that you are a vampire, and vampires are his enemy. Even if you were still human, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He’d probably hurt you anyway. The wolf feels the need to hunt and kill, and you’re probably at the top of his list.” Ryan remembers thinking that himself earlier that day. “If you go there now, while he’s still a werewolf, he will kill you.”

“I want to see him,” Ryan says, but he’s already been defeated, and he knows they’ve won.

Brendon pats Ryan’s back and says softly, “You’ll see him tomorrow night. It’s not too far away.”

Ryan freezes, and it sinks in that he’s not going to be able to go out once the sun rises. “He has to get out of the cage in the morning!” he says urgently. “He has to eat or he’ll starve. He’s still human most of the time.” Usually, the morning after the full moon, Ryan gets up just before dawn and makes breakfast so that it’s ready as soon as Spencer’s taken his shower. “Please, I’ll stay with you two tonight, but I have to get home before dawn.”

Brendon looks hesitant. “You can be useful to us, Ryan.” He strokes Ryan’s face. “We don’t want to lose you, especially since you’ve only just joined us. You’re a part of our family now, and we take care of our own.”

“Well, Spencer’s my family, and I have to take care of him,” Ryan states stubbornly. “I can’t just let him go a day without food and water. I know you guys have probably been vampires for a while and don’t have to or whatever, but Spencer’s still human except for that one night of the month, and he has to have food and water or he’ll get really sick.” Ryan turns to start walking back towards his place, because he’s made up his mind. He doesn’t care what they want from him; he has to make sure that Spencer is safe.

Jon catches his arm and stops him. “Ryan, we are a lot older than you, and we are also a lot stronger.” His voice is low and dangerous, and Ryan would be scared if he could think of anything more they could possibly do to hurt him. “Do not make us force you to come with us.”

Ryan stares Jon in the eye and glances over to where Brendon is standing and biting his lip a bit anxiously. “I guess maybe you’ve never loved someone before, so maybe you wouldn’t understand, but I love Spencer, and I have to make sure he changes safely. It’s my job to protect him to the best of my abilities, and if I go with you willingly, I won’t be able to show my face to him again, because I will have failed. I doubt you want to make one of the members of your ‘family’ hate you,” he says acrimoniously, hoping that he struck a nerve.

Brendon hisses at him. “We can keep you away from him for a lot longer than a night, Ryan. We can make sure you never see your stupid little wolf again,” he says, growling a bit. His growling is different from Spencer’s. Spencer’s is more animalistic and a bit sexy; Brendon’s is more supernatural sounding and just plain frightening. “We’re not afraid to break you, Ryan.”

“I have to take care of Spencer,” Ryan says firmly. He breaks into a run before they can say anything else, and he finds himself amazed at how fast he is now. He makes it to their little flat only a few minutes later, and he’s struggling with getting the door opened when Brendon catches him.

He winds up pinned against the door, his face being pressed into the hard wood. “I don’t think you understand, Ryan,” Brendon says through gritted teeth, pressing him harder into the door. Ryan squirms, trying to get out of the older vampire’s grip. Brendon’s hips are pressed against his ass, and as much as he hates it, the contact is turning him on. Spencer’s the only person who’s allowed to hold him down. “We can do plenty of horrible things to you, and we can take everything you care about. It won’t even matter what we do, because as long as no one stakes your heart, you’ll stay alive, and you will feel all of the pain we put you through, and you will beg for it to end.”

The impact of just what they’ve done to him finally sets in, and Ryan feels even more helpless than when he had to watch Spencer changing earlier. He’s going to live forever, and they’re going to force him to abandon Spencer. Ryan can’t survive forever without Spencer; he knows he can’t. Tears start sliding down his face, and he lets out a choked sob. “I need him,” he chokes out. “You can’t. Please, you can’t.”

Brendon’s weight leaves his back, and he’s released. Jon is holding one of Brendon’s hands, and he says quietly, “Let him go.”

“Jon,” Brendon starts, but the other vampire shakes his head. Brendon sighs and looks down. Jon gives him a quick kiss on the lips.

Ryan’s hands are shaky as he finally gets the door unlocked and steps inside. He’s surprised no one had to invite him inside, but he supposes maybe it’s alright because he owns the deed and lives there. He slips off his shoes and coat and heads to the room where the cage should be. Spencer’s gnawing at the bars, and he gets even more ferocious in his efforts when he sees Ryan. His claws have left marks in the wooden floor where he’s scrabbled at it.

“Hey,” Ryan says quietly, sitting down on the floor in front of Spencer. “You recognize me, don’t you?” he asks, holding a hand out so that it’s just outside of the cage and in front of Spencer’s nose so that he can sniff. Instead, Spencer snaps at it, and Ryan quickly withdraws. “I guess not. I’m going to bed, Spencer. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

It takes a long time, mainly due to the noises that Spencer is making, but Ryan does manage to fall asleep. He’s surprised he still can sleep at night.


Ryan wakes up just a few minutes before sunrise, exactly when he set his alarm for. He feels ridiculously tired when he gets up, which is understandable due to the fact that he only got a few hours of sleep. He walks out to the kitchen and starts making bacon, and then he heads to the living room to let Spencer out. Spencer hasn’t woken up yet, but he will soon enough. Ryan’s just glad that he’s human again. He unlocks the master lock that only he knows the combination to and heads back to the kitchen.

He hears the shower turn on a few minutes later, and he smiles because that means Spencer is awake and okay. He makes several strips of bacon and two omelets. Normally, he’d make three but right now the smell of food is really just making him sick, and he doesn’t want anything. He sets the food down on their little table and waits, trying to think of how to explain what happened to him.

Spencer walks into the kitchen a few minutes later in his boxers. He sits down across from Ryan, raising an eyebrow when he sees that Ryan has nothing but a glass of water in front of him. “You’re not starving yourself again, are you?” Spencer asks, and his tone is casual, but Ryan knows he’s being serious. Spencer picks at his food.

“No, I just feel kind of sick,” Ryan says honestly.

Spencer nods. “You smell funny. Did you go home with someone last night?” he asks, looking up at Ryan. He doesn’t look angry or accusatory, just curious. However, Ryan knows that if he had gone home with someone, Spencer would be legitimately pissed off. Ryan shakes his head. “Okay then,” Spencer says. He takes his time eating the rest of his food in silence, and then he dumps the plate in the sink.

The sun is rising, and Ryan feels even more exhausted than before. “Ry, let’s go lay down for a while. I’m tired.” Ryan follows Spencer to their bedroom and strips down to his boxers so that they’re even. His dirty clothes from the night before found their way into the garbage a long time ago, after Ryan decided there was too much blood on them for them to be saved.

The sheets are warm, and of course Spencer makes them feel even warmer; werewolves are just naturally hot. Spencer wraps his arms around him, practically smothering him. Ryan snuggles into it, closing his eyes. He feels safe. “Are you sick or something, Ryan? You’re so cold,” Spencer comments.

“Something happened last night,” Ryan says quietly. He figures he has to say it sometime. “I was walking home, and I ran into some vampires again.” He takes a deep breath, preparing to tell Spencer what happened.

“Oh God,” Spencer says. He pulls away and sits up, rolling Ryan over onto his back and pulling the sheets away. He touches Ryan’s neck, almost as if he has to feel the marks to know that they’re there. “They turned you?” Spencer asks, sounding alarmed. Ryan nods, sitting up as well. “And you bit someone, didn’t you? You would’ve died if you didn’t. Vampire blood is poisonous unless you can mix it enough human blood.” Spencer’s freaking out, and Ryan doesn’t know how to make him stop. He’s just afraid of what Spencer will think now.

Finally, Spencer leans in slowly and kisses Ryan on the lips almost tentatively, like he isn’t certain that it’ll still be the same. “It’s okay,” he says softly. “It’s not like you asked them for it or anything. You didn’t know.” Ryan nods, breaking into a smile. Spencer is probably the only guy he knows who wouldn’t be mad if his boyfriend was suddenly turned into a vampire. “I love you, you know,” Spencer says, and Ryan nods, because of course he knows that Spencer loves him. “The fact that you’re all dead now doesn’t change that, and it never will.”

Ryan blinks a few times. It hadn’t occurred to him that he was dead. He wonders when his heart stopped beating, and it scares him that he didn’t even notice it. He hasn’t been breathing either, he realizes all of a sudden. He’s overcome by that feeling of too much all over again, and a few tears slide down his face. “I didn’t realize,” he says, and Spencer understands. He would have understood even if Ryan had said nothing at all.

Spencer pulls his lover into a hug and whispers, “It’s okay, you’re still the same Ryan I know and love.” He pulls back and smiles. “Even if you have to drink blood now.”

“I don’t want to kill people,” Ryan says quietly, looking down at his lap. He’s so tired, but he wants to be awake during the day with Spencer, even if he can’t venture out into the sun. “I’ll get blood from the hospital or something. I just… I don’t want to kill people.”

“You can drink mine,” Spencer says, shrugging. Ryan smiles. Of course Spencer would offer. “You look tired, baby. Vampires aren’t supposed to be awake during the day. Maybe you should sleep for a while.”

Ryan shakes his head. “I want to stay awake and be with you.”

Spencer laughs and shrugs. “Your choice. Just don’t pass out on me later.”

“I’m not making any promises,” Ryan says before moving in for a kiss. Maybe it isn't perfect yet, but they've got forever to figure it out.


Note: There was originally more than this (about twice as much, actually), but I realized that if I kept writing it, I wouldn't be able to make the deadline for hc_bingo. Life is getting in the way of my writing, but for once, I don't really see how that's a problem.
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