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22 November 2011 @ 12:26 am
CONCERT: Hollywood Undead  
I went to this concert on Thursday with my friends Fran and Elias and only just now got around to blogging about it. Guess I might actually have a life now? Nah... (Okay, maybe just a little bit, but shh, don't tell anyone.)
Asking Alexandria
Hollywood Undead
We Came As Romans

For those of you who don't care about my little ragey rant about Asking Alexandria and what assholes they are, feel free to skip past this first paragraph. I just gotta let the rage out though. Asking Alexandria fucking backed out the night before the fucking show! They literally posted on their Facebook the night before at 2:30AM that they were going to be playing a show in New York, not even bothering to mention the Orlando show at all. Wow, they could have at least acknowledged that they'd been planning to play in Orlando or you know, maybe even apologized then (though they did later and promised a free show - though all other promises of free shows are yet to be honored). I know people who drove five fucking hours to get there from Georgia JUST to see Asking Alexandria, and they fucking backed out the night before. That's so fucking low. Like, are you kidding me? Could you maybe give a little more warning instead of less than a day before the actual show? And you know, maybe posting this at a decent hour when people are actually awake would be nice too. Like, wow, really? Even I was not awake at that time, since you know, I kind of needed to be awake for the two hour drive to Orlando and the whole six hour concert. The tickets cost $41, and the majority of the people were going to see them (literally, the place only had like 400-500 people show up tops in a rather large venue, since a lot of people got refunds). Even the bands who actually bothered to show up seemed pissed about Asking Alexandria's lack of an appearance! We Came As Romans apologized FOR Asking Alexandria, and Hollywood Undead said that we were getting "half of the World War III Tour." When I got home, there was a message on the answering machine about getting refunds for the tickets. The message was from 8:30PM. The concert started at 5:30, three hours before! Can you even get refunds after something has started? Just, fuck fuck fuck, I am never buying fucking Asking Alexandria tickets again, because they're fucking assholes. Maybe I'll change my mind if they actually pull through on their promise of a free show, but I'm not counting on it, and I'm not even entirely sure I'd be willing to drive the two hours to Orlando again to see them.

Okay, rant done, let's move on. We got there a little after 5:30, and whatever little opening band they had play was just finishing their last song. So we pretty much just stood around and waited for DRUGS to come out for maybe ten minutes or so. DRUGS was really good, like super amazing crazy good. The first thing Craig asked for was a wall of death, despite the fact that the tickets said right on them in huge letters NO MOSHING. XD This was my first time on the front lines of a wall of death (Elias likes to mosh, and I pretty much followed him around all night), and holy shit, it was awesome. Elias punched like four different people in the face 'cause they pushed me (his protective as fuck lol), and some asshole kicked him in the stomach. We lost Fran at some point and didn't really find her again until the end. I'm really glad I got to see DRUGS 'cause I missed them at Warped. ^_^ Elias knew a couple of their songs (though he'd said he'd never heard them before lol), and he thought they were really awesome too. :3

We Came As Romans was pretty good. I think I would have liked them more if I knew their music better and would have been able to recognize more of their songs. As it was, I could only clearly recognize To Plant A Seed, and I was really glad they played it. They sound fucking AWESOME live. Just saying. Blah, not much else I can really say about them, except they're like one of Elias's favorite bands. *shrug*

Borgore was FUCKING AMAZING. Like, holy shit, I fucking loved him. I'd never listened to Borgore before (though he's like one of Elias's favorites too lol), but like, wow, he was just kind of awesome. He had POLE DANCERS dancing the entire time, and I think I might have actually appreciated them more than Elias did lol. Yeah, so I may have this new obsession with pole dancing, but we're not gonna talk about that, shh. I thought Borgore was great, I really appreciated all the covers he did of songs I know (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Cinema, Bass Cannon, some System Of A Down song I can't remember the name of...), and he might have been my favorite to play. Not sure. Dubstep is fucking awesome live. IT DESTROYS BOTH YOUR EYES AND YOUR EARS AT THE SAME TIME! Legit, there needs to be some sort of warning beforehand for people prone to having seizures. ._.

Hollywood Undead was not a band I had really wanted to see live. I haven't listened to them since their first album, since frankly, their second album fucking sucked. I was really surprised that they played so many of their older songs live, and I really liked that I knew nearly every single song they played. I also loved the fact that I could still remember all of the lyrics to Undead. They opened with it, and from that moment on, I knew I was going to fucking love seeing them live. When I got home and told my brother all about it later, he regretted not going with us (he too refused to listen to them after the second album). Hollywood Undead put on a really great stage show, lots of smoke and lights, really intense crowd. When I say intense, I mean some guy started choking the shit out of this other dude 'cause he pushed his wife. ._. Anyway, it was really fucking great, loved pretty much their whole show. They played Everywhere I Go as an encore, and I even thought they did that well, despite the fact I've never particularly liked that song (weenie is a bothersome word to me, for whatever reason O.o). They were pretty much just great, loved the whole thing.

Honestly, I don't think the concert would have been nearly as amazing if Elias hadn't gone, since he beat the shit out of people for me, sung lyrics in my ear and danced with me and shit. Plus Fran pretty much abandoned us, so yeah. He almost didn't go 'cause he didn't even find out about the concert until the night before, and I had to buy his ticket for him. I told him I'm dragging to every single concert I ever go to ever from now on. XD

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