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26 October 2011 @ 01:50 am
FIC: Charges By The Tear  

Mikey/Pete, R, ~1500 words
"Don't you have anything a little more... special?"

I do not own these people, and this has never actually happened. Don't sue me for having an imagination.
This contains human trafficking, little hints at underage sex, and a tiny bit of incest.

Written for mission_insane


Pete looks around the dimly lit room at the various young men trapped in cages. Most of them are in varying states of undress, some even completely naked. Pete doesn't rest his eyes on any one of them for very long. They aren't interesting to him. They're all the same, all starved skinny and done up with too much makeup. The actual product is never as good as it appears to be, and while Pete certainly doesn't mind having to invest in something, he's already purchased several of Gerard's boys, and he's looking for something a little more exotic.

"See anything you like?" Gerard asks, raising an eyebrow suggestively. He's dressed in all black, and of course his hair is of the same color. The only aspect of him that stands out in any way in the darkened room is his unnaturally pale skin, which he continues to insist is completely unaltered by makeup. Gerard doesn't exactly look like the sort of man who would be in the human trafficking business. Sure, he's a little creepy to look at and even weirder to speak with, but he isn't scummy. Pete wouldn't buy from him if Gerard gave off that sort of vibe, no matter how good the product was. That's not to say that Gerard is the cleanest person Pete's met or that he couldn't shower more often, but he's definitely not the worst Pete has encountered.

Pete shrugs. "Don't you have anything a little more... special?" he asks, glancing towards the door in the back of the room. Behind it lies Gerard's office, a bathroom and a door that is always kept locked. Pete has been to Gerard's office every time he's come here, even the few times that he's left without anything. Pete is one of Gerard's 'best customers', and even when he doesn't actually buy, Gerard still offers him a drink and lends him his company for a few good hours. He's only been to the bathroom once, and it certainly isn't one of his fondest memories: the little room was hot and stuffy and smelled like piss and sex. Pete's never seen what's behind the locked door, and he has only the slightest inkling of what might lie behind it.

Gerard smiles at him, that sly sort of snakelike smile that he has. "Of course," he says, gesturing extravagantly for Pete to follow him. He leads him towards the back door, and Pete thinks hopefully that this time, finally, he will get to see the creatures hidden behind that door, but alas, Gerard stops in front of a cage holding identical twins. The two young men are both blond, and their only distinguishing characteristics are their differing tattoos and the streak of black dye in the hair of one of them. They are curled together in a corner, one sleeping while the other watches Gerard with guarded eyes. Pete knows that Gerard treats his products well, especially in comparison to other dealers, so he doubts that the fear the twins feel is anything but circumstantial; after all, he knows he would be absolutely terrified if he was in their position, regardless of how well Gerard would treat him.

"Can you imagine," Gerard murmurs seductively, twirling a loose lock of Pete's hair with one finger, "having one of them suck you off while his brother fucks him?" Gerard has led him through many scenarios before, and Pete's heard most of them all by now. He hasn't heard very many involving incest, but he knows it's a valued kink in this industry, even if he's never partaken in it. It's just not his thing.

While twins, particularly identical ones, are very difficult to get a hold of, they still aren't exactly what Pete is looking for. He wants someone lovely, someone absolutely perfect, and while the twins are wonderful, they aren't what he is looking for at all. "I wasn't really looking for two," Pete says honestly, and even though it is not the whole truth, it's enough to make Gerard understand that he isn't interested in the incredible find.
Gerard locks their elbows together and tugs Pete over to another cage. Inside is a small boy. Again, it could definitely be considered 'special', but that he's never really liked fucking around with kids. He's met some young slaves who have belonged to their masters since such an age, and they've always seemed so dead and empty. Pete doesn't want to responsible for doing that to someone; all of his slaves seem to be enthusiastic and perky, not emotionless and cold. "You know I don't like the kids, Gee," he says, letting his annoyance out just a bit.

Gerard shrugs. "I figured I'd try. I don't really have anything else that's really special, Pete. I suppose you could look around a bit more, but I don't have anything left to show you," he says, sounding resigned and a little bit eager for the drink they'll inevitably share in his office soon enough. Pete knows that Gerard is an alcoholic, and he appreciates that he doesn't allow it to affect his business or the way he treats his slaves. He knows that he shouldn't really feed Gerard's addiction, even if the man can afford it easily himself, but he isn't above bribing his friend.

"Why don't you show me what's in your back room, Gee?" Pete asks softly. "I'll buy you a twelve pack just for showing me what's back there."
It doesn't take long for Gerard to make up his mind. "Yeah, alright." He walks towards the back room quickly, almost as if he's afraid he'll change his mind before he can get the door open and will end up losing the promised reward. He fumbles with the key before finally getting it in the lock. It takes a little jiggling to get it open, and really, the suspense is killing Pete now. Gerard finally gets the door unlocked and pushes it open, flicking a light switch near the door. The lights in this room are much brighter than the dim ones in the main room.

At first the room seems to simply be empty. It's a little chilly and kind of damp, but it seems mostly nice. It takes several moments for Pete to even register the fact that there's a small figure huddled alone in one corner. There are manacles around his wrists and ankles, but they appear to be loose. He's completely naked but for a dirty pair of boxers, and he's shivering, curled into himself uncomfortably. His skin is pale like Gerard's, and his bones jut out awkwardly. He's too thin, and Pete is certain that his lack of body fat is making him even more vulnerable to the cold of the room. He has hair that looks like an odd mix of blond and brunet, and it's greasy and dirty like it hasn't been washed in far too long.

"Gee," the man whimpers, voice coming out small and almost childlike, lost.

"Who is he?" Pete asks. It's obvious that the slave is close to Gerard or else he wouldn't have used the nickname; the slaves are always trained to use the term 'master' and are never offered his name or given it when they ask, only hear it when someone else happens to speak it.
Gerard walks over to the quivering form and runs his fingers through his tangled hair.

"Mikey," he says, looking down into the man's eyes. They have the same eyes, even if the slave's eyes are more dull. Pete makes the connection but doesn't say so out loud. He doesn't express his disgust and tries not to let it show on his face.

Pete bites his lip, considering. "How much?" he asks, hoping Gerard can just make this simple and give him a number. He knows it will be hard to convince Gerard to sell his brother, but he'll try anyway.

Gerard shakes his head. "Make an offer, Pete. I'll turn you down anyway."

"Twenty cases of beer," Pete says, just throwing out a number. He rarely pays in alcohol, but alcohol managed to get him this far, and he'll try to take that as far as he can.

"That's weak, Pete. You know he's worth more than that to me," Gerard says, almost scoffing.

Pete doesn't think so, not if this is the way that Gerard shows it. "Forty."

"Fifty," Gerard counters.

Pete nods. "Sold." He didn't think this would be so easy. "Can you draw up the papers now?"

"I'd like to say goodbye first," Gerard says, tipping his brother's chin up with a finger to kiss him gently on the lips. Mikey keeps his eyes open the whole time. They're empty. Once Gerard straightens up again, he doesn't look back down at his brother curled up on the floor. He pulls rusted jangling metal out of his pocket. "Here are the keys. Be careful unlocking him. He always tries to run." Pete doesn't blame him. "I'll get the documents put together." Gerard is gone, and Mikey is still backed into the corner, looking afraid.

"I'm not like him," Pete promises as he unlocks the shackles. "I'm certainly not going to let you go, but I'm not going to starve you or mistreat you. Things are going to be different with me."

Mikey doesn't say a word, but once he's unlocked, he doesn't run.


Note: Written for the sub/dom prompt off the kink table. Let it be known that I really have nothing against such relationships, and while this doesn't exactly put them in the best light, there are plenty of good and healthy relationships out there. ^_^  The title is a line from the Say Anything song Total Revenge.
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